About Us

TeleSemana is the leading online multimedia publication covering the telecommunications industry for telecom professionals in Latin America.

Unlike other publications that cover the region, TeleSemana provides strategic insight and analysis about new technological developments and how they apply to Latin American operators.

Sponsoring and attending major industry events worldwide, TeleSemana brings its audience the latest market trends, both regionally as well as globally in a variety of formats, such as, but not limited to, audio and video.

Companies sponsoring and exhibiting at major events now have a vehicle to extend their exposure to Latin American service providers that are unable to participate in those events.

Thousands of executives at more than 100 wireless, fixed, satellite and cable providers and more than 60 regulatory and government agencies in Latin America receive TeleSemana‘s business-critical information every week.

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TeleSemana at glance

  • Quality Circulation: over 17,000 subs
  • Presence: Pan regional reach
  • Respected: Written by industry personalities
  • Unique: Editorial with a specific angle and analysis
  • Industry reference: 100+ expert writers and contributors
  • Reliable16 years in the marketplace
  • Leader: No. 1 of the free subscription publications according to readers and industry experts
  • Proven: Generates high quality leads from decision maker

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