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To submit a story please read our basic guidelines

1. We will not publish press releases, comercial articles or any other piece promoting a specific product

2. We do not publish articles authored by companies, articles must be signed by a human being

3. Stories should reflect the author’s opinion on a relevant topic in the Telecom Industry in Latin America or else where (our readers like to read stories from other markets if those stories offer a valuable lesson)

4. Stories should be submitted in Spanish (although we edit all stories before we publish them, we expect a decent translation and not one using Google Translate)

5. Although there is no limit in the number of words per story, we do recommend not surpassing the 1.500 words mark

6. We expect some level of exclusivity in Latin America. This means that if you plan to send your story to other Latin America telecom publications, we will not publish your story in However, if you story has been publish in the telecom sector in other languages other than Spanish, then we are ok with that

7. We have no limit in the number of stories you can submit, as long as they are relevant, interesting and follow our rules

8. It is important to note that following these rules does not guarantee publication. Our editorial team has the last word in deciding if a story is worth sharing with our audience

9. Submission should be sent in a Word document (if it is the first submission, you should send us, the author’s bio, picture and email)

10. If you want to know who will be reading your stories, please visit this page where you will find all the relevant information regarding our demographics and our media kit

11. You story will be treated as a regular article, which means it will promoted in all our social networks and also included in our weekly newsletter as a regular article

12. If you are ready to submit your story, please do so contacting Rafael A. Junquera, Editorial Director, at [email protected]

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