Our Services

Networking: workshops and webinars

In order to network with potential clients you need to know them or know where to locate them without being intrusive. Tele-Medios has developed a series of tools that would allow your sales team to interact with potential clients without moving from you office. And if you are in the mood for travelling, we can still help you network physically with your desired audience face to face.

Marketing tools

We offer a range of marketing tools to accomodate different marketing strategies: brand awareness, lead capture, social media programs, content creation and distribution, industry surveys and much more. Get in touch and tell us your goals in Latin America; we will provide you with the right set of tools to accomplish them.

Content creation: White Paper

Having something to say is not easy. Your company’s core is not to create things to say, it is to create the right solutions for telecom operators. Thus having professional information that calls the attention of potential clients is not rocket science but requires time and resources. We have developed both a time machine and the writing skills so you get content to distribute that really gets noticed.

Content distribution: email campaigns & social networks

TeleSemana.com has been in the market for a decade distributing professional telecom specific content to over 16.000 industry professionals through a variety of channels. For the past 10 years we have increased our  channels offering to make sure our client’s content reaches their desired target audience. Let’s discuss which ones of our channels can best suit your marketing strategy in Latin America.

Fair ROI: tangible leads and numbers

Our marketing team has been in the market long enough to know that client’s need numbers to justify their investment and the clear and concise they are the better. That is why we provide detailed data related to all our client’s activities in our websites.

Proven support

TeleSemana.com provides its clients with professional support. Each client has its own “client area” were marketing staff can download all documents related to its activities with Tele-Medios media websites. If you are travelling and do not find that Tele-Medios document you need, no worries, we got you covered in the cloud.

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